A novel mathematical model of formulation design of emulsion explosive


Chemical Engineering College, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094, PR China


A novel mathematical model has been developed to aid the formulation of emulsion explosives. This mathematical model calculated heat of explosion, oxygen balance and raw material cost as a function of explosive ingredients, and the solution of the mathematical model was obtained by a MS Excel program. The effects of the different content of NH4NO3, NaNO3, H2O, and span-80 and composite fuel oil on the heat of explosion and the specific volume of emulsion explosive were discussed based on the proposed mathematical model. The results show that (1) with the increasing of the content of NH4NO3, the heat of explosion and the specific volume increase. (2) The better content of NaNO3, H2O and Span-80 in the formulation of emulsion explosive are 7%~9%, 9%~10%, 1.5%~2% respectively, and this formulation results in an oxygen balance of zero or close to zero.


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