Chemical and physical analysis of some ground water sample in Al-Quti wells Hodiedah, Yemen


1 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, Hodeidah University, Yemen

2 Department of Medical Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine Science, Hodeidah University, Yemen


Study of the ground water quality in Hodeidah is an essential ingredient for a healthy
population. In this research, study of drinking water samples for eight water sources wells in the
Quti field has been achieved. The purpose was to a certain the quality of water from these
sources, the physical properties such as pH, electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved
solids (TDS), showed the variation of pH (7.24-7.80),TDS (744.0-1008.6) mg L-1, within the
permissible limits for World Health Organization (WHO). Except well(1) which had slight
excess for TDS (100.8 mg L-1). The measurements of total hardness (TH) , NO3
2-, PO4
3-, Cl-
, Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ has been measured. The levels of NO3 were unacceptable by the value
of (70-153) mg L-1. And SO4
2- by the range of (130-420) mg L-1, recalls exceeding the allowable
values given by WHO, while Cl-, Na+ , Ca2+ ,TH, total alkalinity and Mg2+ were the permissible
limits for WHO and Yemen standard (YS). The analysis data of heavy elements concentration
Cr, Fe, and Mn were far from the pollution and within the permissible limits.


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