Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of lidocaine and hydrocortisone acetate in pharmaceutical preparations by multivariate calibration methods


1 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University-Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University-North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.


The multivariate calibration method, partial least square regression (PLS) was applied for the
simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of Lidocaine (LID) and Hydrocortisone acetate
(HCA) in their mixtures. The parameters of chemometric technique were optimized and the
proposed method was validated with synthetic samples and applied to analyze these drugs in
pharmaceutical products with good accuracy and precision. The results were compared with the
HPLC method. The squares of correlation coefficients (R2) for predicted LID and HCA with the
proposed method in test samples were 0.9970 and 0.9964, respectively. The relative standard
deviations for commercial products were less than 1%.


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