Spectrophotometric determination of Dalacin phosphate from formulations using reduce atomic absorption of calcium ion by phosphate


1 Department of Basic Sciences, Maragheh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Maragheh, Iran

2 Department of Chemistry, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


A simple, sensitive and accurate method for spectrophotometric determination of Dalacinphosphate
has been established. The method is based on the reduction of atomic absorption
calcium ion by phosphate. Because, there is a phosphate mole in every Dalacin mole structure
and with measurement of phosphate, Dalacin is beyond measurement too. Therefore, the reaction
between acidic hydrolysis products of antibiotics with the mixture of calcium ion evaluated for
the spectrophotometric determination of mentioned drug in formulations. Experimental
parameters related to the performance of atiomic absorption spectrometry (AAS), such as
concentration of calcium ion, reaction time and temperature were investigated and optimized.
Under the optimized conditions, the limit of detection (3σB) and relative standard deviation
(RSD, n=4) were 1.75 μg mL-1 and 1.4 %, respectively. The results obtained agreed with those
obtained by the USP method.


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