Effect of some additives on degradation of poly (vinyl chloride- co- vinyl


Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


The thermal decomposition of 86 % vinyl chloride 14 % vinyl acetate copolymer was
studied by the conductometry technique in the presence of nitrogen. The kinetics of stability and
thermal degradation of vinyl chloride- co- vinyl acetate (PVC- co- PVAc) copolymer with
copper, copper oxide and tricalcium dicitrate (st) were investigated at various temperatures (150-
180 oC ) in solution. The rate coefficients for the degradation of the copolymer were determined.
The energies of activation, determined from the temperature dependence of the rate coefficients
for copolymer alone was 63.536 kJ mol-1 and in the presence of copper, copper oxide and
tricalcium dicitrate were 44.224, 55.594 and 110.332 KJ mol-1, respectively. The results show
that thermal stability was increased in the presence of tricalcium dicitrate, but its thermal
stability was decreased in the presence of copper and copper oxide.


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