UV-Visible spectrophotometry of Repaglinide in bulk and in formulation by using methyl orange as reagents


1 Department of Chemistry Chodhary Dilip Singh Kanya Mahavidyalya Bhind (M.P) 477001, India

2 School of Pharmacy, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (M.P)-452001, India


Two sensitive spectrophotometric methods are presented for the assay of Repaglinide in bulk
drug and in formulations using methyl orange, as reagents. Oxidant by reacting with a fixed
amount of either methyl orange and measuring the absorbance at 485.2 nm (method-I) and
measuring the absorbance at 618.9 nm (method-II). Developed method is based on the formation
of extractable colored complex of drug with coloring agent Methyl orange dye. A wavelength
maximum was found to be 618.9 nm. The concentration range of 15-50 μg ml-1 with linear
regression of 0.9995, while the percentage recovery, LOD and LOQ were 99.42-99.08 %, 2.17
μg ml-1 and 1.08 μg ml-1 respectively. The result of analysis have been validated statistically and
also by recovery studies. From the percentage recovery and specificity studies it was concluded
that there was no interference of common additives during the estimation. This proves the
suitability of this method for the routine quality control analysis of the Repaglinide in


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Parameters Repaglinide
Method I Method II
Working λ (nm) 485.2 nm
618.9 nm
Beer’s law limit (μg mL-1) 5-35 5-35 5-35 0-45
Correlation coefficient * 0.9965 0.9994 0.9998 0.9999
Intercept * 0.0003 0.0014 0.0043 0.0021
Slope * 0.0143 0.0221 0.0651 0.0765
Limit of detection, μg mL-1 2.17 -0.74
Limit of quantification, μg mL-1 1.08 0.18
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