Design novel optical sensor for determination of bismuth based on immobilization of 4-(4-nitrophenyl)-1-naphthol on a triacetylcellulose membrane


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University-Arak Branch, Arak, Iran


A novel optical sensor has been proposed for sensitive determination of bismuth ion based
on immobilization of 4-(4-nitrophenylazo)-1-naphthol on a triacetylcellulose membrane.
Chemical binding of bismuth ions in solution with a 4-(4-nitrophenylazo)-1-naphthol
immobilized on the triacetylcelluse surface could be monitored spectrophotometrically. The
optode shows excellent response over wide concentration range 0.4-3.6 μg mL-1 bismuth with a
limit of detection of 0.14 μg mL-1 bismuth. The influence of factors responsible for the improved
sensitivity of the sensor were studied and identified. The response time of the optode was 30 sec
for a stirrer solution. The influence of potential interfering ions on the determination of 0.4 μg
mL-1 bismuth was studied. The proposed optode was applied to the determination of bismuth in
pharmaceutical formulation samples.


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