A numerical study of supercritical water oxidation of phenol


Mechanical Engineering Department, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Mollasadra Ave., Tehran 1999143344, Iran


Supercritical water oxidation has attracted attention of many researchers ever since the idea
has emerged about three decades ago as a promising technique in the waste management
industry. Providing more details about the behavior of a supercritical water oxidation system
under various operating conditions and extending available data can greatly assist more accurate
and reliable design of such systems. In this study, oxidation of phenol in supercritical water has
been modeled as a plug flow reactor. The variations of main system parameters such as
temperature and waste concentration along the reactor have been calculated. The numerical
model predictions have been compared with available experiments and good agreement has been
obtained for steady state operation conditions. In addition, the responses of the numerical model
to some unsteady events, such as sudden increases of mass flow rate or fluid inlet temperature
have been examined. These situations may possibly occur due to malfunction of various
components of the system. It has been shown that the design temperature of the reactor with
usual consideration of the safety factors supports the probable range of sudden alterations.


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